Sunday, April 20, 2014

The heck with Disney stock!!!!!

Given the sky-rocketing popularity of Cap and Bucky thanks to their latest movie this key 1964 issue is a better investment.
It probably will take the largest price leap percentage-wise of any Kirby comic listed in the the next annual OVERPRICE STREET GUIDE. (The only reason it wouldn't would be if the publisher hasn't hoarded what he considers an adequete amount of copies.)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Will this thesis get me a step closer to being an accepted Comic Scholar?

Lee/Kirby realize that Cap is the perfect surrogate for John Henry, the technology-battling American Folk Hero from a century and a half earlier. One wonders how long it took the talented team to plan this page out because that whole "Marvel Method" cover story they used in the Silver Age was to give the impression that this high-water mark of their collaboration was because of synergistic/synchronistic creation magic. They were likely advised by child psychologists to inculcate the malleable youngsters that were the bulk of that era's readership to the concept that Lee/Kirby were not calculating and manipulative adults like the Sixties' DC full-script fascists. To further perpetuate this fiction Lee/Kirby adopted the public personas of two archetypes beloved by children - the Fun Uncle and the Whopper-telling Grandpa. 
If it doesn't than this post is just a clever parody. (Yeah, that's the ticket!)