Saturday, July 19, 2014

43 YEARS AGO TODAY you could have paid 50 cents for IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB #1 and gotten 41 magazine-sized black and white pages drawn AND written by Jack Kirby.

Or for a quarter you could have bought SUPERMAN'S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #141 with 22 pages of new Kirby artwork (he also wrote it!) including 3 pages of collages.
Department of Redundancy Department: note that the first page  thought balloon contains the same exposition as the caption.

JIMMY OLSEN #141 also included a self-portrait of Jack Kirby, a reprint of the historic 13 page first appearance of the Newsboy Legion from 1942 and the cover of the comic it was from (STAR SPANGLED COMICS #7).  

Unlike Marvel, DC paid artists when they reused their product. DC waited 32 years to reprint JIMMY OLSEN #141 and 42 years to reprint IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB #1.

Friday, July 18, 2014

45 YEARS AGO TODAY you could have purchased 53 pages of Kirby art for 25 cents. AVENGERS ANNUAL #3 reprinted Captain America's first AVENGERS appearance and three Captain America stories from TALES OF SUSPENSE. Would you have paid a penny more if you knew that Marvel would give that money to Kirby as a bonus for drawing something so well that it deserved to be published twice?

Ironically the cover of AVENGERS ANNUAL #3 wasn't by Kirby. It was by another industry giant, John Buscema. (although it WAS embellished by chronic Kirby collaborator Frank Giacoia)
Was this Kirby cover not reused because it seemed dated after five years or because Sub-Mariner wasn't the sales draw that he used to be?